Administration of Justice Library:

Criminal Justice System

"Criminal Justice Realignment" (LAO, 2009)

"California's Criminal Justice System: A Primer" (LAO, 2007)

"Implementing Proposition 36" (LAO, 2000)

"Three Strikes: A Preliminary Assessment" (LAO, 1995)

Public Safety

"The 'COPS' Program" (LAO, 1997)

"Proposition 172: How Did It Affect Spending for Public Safety?" (LAO, 1994)


"Achieving Better Outcomes for Adult Probation" (LAO, 2009)

"Does Probation Work" (CICG, 2001)

"The State of California's Probation System" (LAO, 1994)

Trial Courts

"Trial Court Funding: Should the State Assume Responsibility" (LAO, 1997)


"Status Report: Implementing AB 900" (LAO, 2009)

"Parole Realignment and the 2008-09 Budget" (LAO, 2008)

Alternative Dispute Resolution

"ADR: Navigating Special Legal Issues in Public Agency Disputes" (ILG, 2009)

"A Local Official's Guide to Intergovernmental Conflict Resolution" (ILG, 2008)