Health And Human Services Library:


"Welfare-To-Work Participation in the CalWORKS Program" (LAO, 2002)

"CalWORKS Community Service" (LAO, 1999)

"CalWORKS Welfare Reform: Major Provisions and Issues" (LAO, 1998)

"Welfare Reform in California: A Welfare-to-Work Approach" (LAO, 1997)

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In-home Supportive Services

"IHSS: Examination of the Impact of the 2004 Quality Assurance Initiative” (Senate Office of Research, 2009)


"County Programs for the Medically Indigent in California" (CHCF, 2009)

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Proposition 10: Children and Families First

"Proposition 10: How Does It Work?" (LAO, 1999)

Mental Health

"Mental Health Mandates Continue to Pose Challenges" (LAO, 2006)

"Reforming California's Mental Health System" (LAO, 1991)

Aging and Long Term Care

Aging and Long Term Care Committee Publications

"Planning for California's Future: The State's Population is Growing, Aging and Becoming More Diverse" (CA Budget Project, 2008)

Health Sector Information Technology

"A State Policy Approach: Promoting Health Information Technology in California" (LAO, 2007)

Prescription Drugs

"Lowering the State's Costs for Prescription Drugs" (LAO, 2005)

Child Support

"Strategies for Improving Child Support Collection in California" (LAO, 2006)

"Child Support Enforcement: Implementing the Reforms of 1999" (LAO, 2000)

"Child Support Enforcement Program From a Fiscal Perspective: How Can Performance Be Improved?" (LAO, 1999)