Retirement and Other Post-Employment Benefits

Pension Reform

"Addressing Public Pension Benefits and Cost Concerns" (LAO Issue Analysis, 2005)

"Addressing Public Pension Benefits and Cost Concerns" (LAO P&I 2005)

"Draft Guiding Principles for 2005-06 Pension Reform" (CSAC, 2005)

"League of CA Cities Pension Reform White Paper (November 2009)"

Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB)

"Retiree Health Benefits Presentation: Background and Policy Principles" (LAO, 2007)

"California's First Retiree Health Care Valuation" (LAO, 2007)

"Retiree Health Care: A Growing Cost for Government" (LAO, 2006)

"Retiree Health Care Costs" (California Counties, 2006)

Retirement Law: County Employees Retirement Law (CERL) of 1937

The Ventura Decision (Annotated)

Retirement Law: Public Employees Retirement Law (PERL)